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Relationships and the Law of Inverse Blessings

Long before Sherman found his wife and got married, he made a long and detailed list of what he wanted in a wife.  After making that list, he made another, equally long and detailed, as to the attributes he would need to be worthy of such a wife.  Sherman then concentrated his efforts on the... » » [Read the rest of the post]

The Law of Inverse Blessings

There is another way you can work towards Being your best self.  It stems from service.  Nothing can boost your own worth faster than sincerely serving others. Christ said, “whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” (Matt 20:26-27, Mark... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Are You a First Class, Second Class or Third Class Person?

You can rise no higher than the image you have of yourself, and the discipline you exercise in Being.  You control how high you rise by controlling who you become.  The more you approach Being who you have the potential to become, the more successful you are.  At the risk of over generalizing, there are... » » [Read the rest of the post]

The Process of Being

The process of Being works in a simple but miraculous way.  You transform yourself into the person you ideally could become simply by doing the things that type of person does.  Then, when you’ve been doing those things long enough, you realize you have disciplined yourself into Being the type of person you would most... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Keeping a Journal Can Help You Stay on the Right Track

Keeping a personal journal does more than just record history.  It can help you stay on the right track.  In your journal you will want to record the things you did right, what you learned and how good that felt.  You will also want to record what you did wrong, what you learned, how bad... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Modeling Others Improves Your Life

When you were younger, you probably had someone you really looked up to.  In some cases, the desire to be like this person was so strong within that it caused you to want to dress like that person, talk like that person, act like that person.  A mental image of being like this person began... » » [Read the rest of the post]