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Setbacks Create Opportunities

Walt Disney suffered a near nervous breakdown just as he was reaching a pivotal point in his career.  At that point, on the advice of his doctors, he took time off and got completely away from his work, leaving it in other’s hands (a thing he had struggled doing before).  He had to relinquish a... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Goal Power: A Case Study

Sarah was the director of training for a group of over 120 volunteers.  During that time she would routinely work with regional directors to set production goals with each individual volunteer they were responsible for.  She soon saw that about twelve percent of the volunteers really took goal setting seriously.   Those who set realistic goals,... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Visions and Goals

The Old Testament teaches:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish:” (Proverbs 29:18) There are as many ways to realize your dreams as your imagination can create.  Obviously, some routes are better than others.  But like building a house, or taking a long vacation, to get the most out of it, you need a... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Never Work for Money

Kirk was a college English professor, but his love was writing science fiction.  He taught during the day, and in his off hours wrote short stories.  He’s sold a few, but hasn’t really hit the big time yet.  He doesn’t stop.  No matter the amount of money, he’s doing what he loves. Not making large... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Follow Your Dream Responsibly

In order to follow your dream, you may have to let go of what you’re already doing.  It may feel like jumping off a cliff hoping that you’ll land safely.  That’s pretty scary.  But this isn’t really what you’re going to do.  You may have heard the phrase, “You need to risk big in order... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Write It Down

While in his senior year of college, Shawn took an afternoon and wrote down all that he’d like to do with his life.  He tried to be as specific as possible, yet general enough to allow for the inevitable changes life would bring.  And besides, he knew he was young and really didn’t know all... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Do What You Love

Pete’s parents worried about him while he was young.  He just wouldn’t discipline himself, nor apply himself to his studies like his older brother — a straight A student.  As he grew, all he wanted to do was watch movies.  After struggling through high school, threatening to drop out several times, he moved from Utah... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Why Not Be a Rancher?

Paul, for as long as he could remember, wanted to be a rancher.  Yet whenever he talked about it, all he could say was, “There’s no money in it.  You can’t support a family being a rancher.”  So Paul settled into a life of working the best jobs he could get, and hoped that sometime,... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Following Your Passion is Okay

Kyle loved working with sound systems.  While growing up he installed dozens in cars, homes, boats, you name it, he installed it.  He bought, sold, horse traded, and even custom built systems for his friends.  It was all he ever wanted to do, all he could think of doing.  His parents were worried.  Kyle didn’t... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Roadblocks to Being

Sometimes there are roadblocks to Being who you really want to be.  Maybe you have encountered health problems which won’t allow you to get out and be the type of person you really desire.  But don’t be in despair.  It’s what’s inside that makes you who you truly are.  If you can’t realistically act out... » » [Read the rest of the post]