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Focus on Strengths, Avoid Weaknesses

Now You’re Cooking “So, you want to open up a restaurant?” “Yep,” answered the man opposite my desk. He was tall and thin, his face round, his jowls floppy. It was hard to picture him in an apron, much less being a cook. “I’ve got the perfect place picked out too,” he said. “It’s got... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Maximize by Minimizing

“Grandpa, why are you picking those Apricots? They’re still green?” The 10 year old watched as his grandfather removed his wide brimmed hat and wiped his forehead with the back of a hand. “I’m not picking. I’m thinning.”  Grandpa came over and knelt down by the boy, holding out his hand to show some green... » » [Read the rest of the post]

How and When to Solve Big Problems

Don’t Freeze Up I had a client with a thorny problem. They had exceeded their construction budget by $1,000,000 on a $3,500,000 project, and didn’t know how to get it finished so they could sell finished lots and repay a large bank loan. To top it off, the bills were starting to pile up because... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Consciously Choose Your Life’s Path

Remember to Check Your Direction Walking provides great exercise. I try and get out every day unless the weather is bad. I take various routes to avoid monotony. Many times, though, I find myself walking down a favorite path without really having consciously chosen which way to go. I step out the door, my mind... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Gone Fishing

I just got back from fishing in Alaska. We spent five days on the ocean in a small boat working to catch as many big fish as we could. We focused primarily on salmon and halibut but also caught 2 octopi, some black bass, and other assorted fish we ended up using as bait. Alaska... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Don’t Jump off a Cliff

Here you are, standing at the brink of your life. Should you jump? Should you switch careers or paths and severe ties with your past? Or should you stay with what you know even though you aren’t happy? That’s what many think are their only choices. If you follow your dream, you can’t be safe... » » [Read the rest of the post]