How Do I Get a Business Loan? A Checklist for What You’ll Need

I’m a loan officer.  I work for a major regional bank.  I’ve made over $300 million in loans to small, medium, and large businesses.  I’ve given loans to start ups, emerging and well seasoned businesses.  I’ve lent as little as $1,000 for a credit card to over $50 million to one valued customer.  This post... » » [Read the rest of the post]

That Something Extra

We’re all consumers.  What separates a top brand from all the others?  What separates a mega-star from an ordinary actor?  What separates haute cuisine from a plate of spaghetti?  There’s a mysterious gap between the top tier and the next in line. You’ve seen examples of very competent and talented singer / musicians who never... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Everything Teaches

I’ve always heard the saying, “When a student is ready a teacher will come.” This is true. There are teachers all around us. Everything we see, everything we do contains a lesson. The next time you notice something interesting, stop and ponder. Ask yourself what you can learn from what you just noticed. Then sit... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Present Power

I recently attended the funeral of a friend who’d suffered an accidental death.  Prior to the funeral there was a viewing where friends and relatives could offer condolences to the surviving family.  This friend left a wife and five children.  Two of the children are grown and married with children of their own.  He also... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Direction

Lisa thought she would enjoy being in business, so as she attended a university, she declared business as her major.  She graduated with her bachelor’s degree and wasn’t quite settled with what she finally wanted to end up doing, so she started going for a master’s degree in business.  One semester away from graduating she... » » [Read the rest of the post]