Write It Down

While in his senior year of college, Shawn took an afternoon and wrote down all that he’d like to do with his life.  He tried to be as specific as possible, yet general enough to allow for the inevitable changes life would bring.  And besides, he knew he was young and really didn’t know all... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Do What You Love

Pete’s parents worried about him while he was young.  He just wouldn’t discipline himself, nor apply himself to his studies like his older brother — a straight A student.  As he grew, all he wanted to do was watch movies.  After struggling through high school, threatening to drop out several times, he moved from Utah... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Why Not Be a Rancher?

Paul, for as long as he could remember, wanted to be a rancher.  Yet whenever he talked about it, all he could say was, “There’s no money in it.  You can’t support a family being a rancher.”  So Paul settled into a life of working the best jobs he could get, and hoped that sometime,... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Following Your Passion is Okay

Kyle loved working with sound systems.  While growing up he installed dozens in cars, homes, boats, you name it, he installed it.  He bought, sold, horse traded, and even custom built systems for his friends.  It was all he ever wanted to do, all he could think of doing.  His parents were worried.  Kyle didn’t... » » [Read the rest of the post]

The Process of Being

The process of Being works in a simple but miraculous way.  You transform yourself into the person you ideally could become simply by doing the things that type of person does.  Then, when you’ve been doing those things long enough, you realize you have disciplined yourself into Being the type of person you would most... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Precious Family Relationships

David O. McKay, past president of a large international Christian Church said, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”  This is true.  You should place a high priority on your family relationships, even at the expense of other things that may seem just as desirable. Ben recently went through a divorce, separating... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Volunteers Get High Compensation

Love and service are factors of success which can’t be measured in monetary terms.  Being a volunteer brings a feeling of inner peace not attained any other way.  Would you consider Mother Theresa failed because she died poor?  What about Ghandi?  Heavens no! Sam volunteered his time working with teenage boys, providing training, guidance, leadership, and... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Good Example

Jay was born into a big but poor family.  He learned from an early age if he wanted anything it was up to him, and him alone, to get it.  First he decided what he wanted out of life, listed out all his goals, then rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Jay wanted... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Your Spiritual Journey

Each person has two dimensions to their life, the physical and the spiritual.  Both dimensions are essential to your overall success and happiness.  Too often the spiritual journey of life is neglected for the sake of the physical (or material), only to discover that having the physical without the spiritual leads to emptiness (even though... » » [Read the rest of the post]

Definition of Success

Success means different things to different people.  In fact, there are as many definitions of success as there are people.  Success is, and needs to be, a very personal decision. For one person, success may be defined as financial independence.  To another, success is a close, happy and loving family.  To still to another, success... » » [Read the rest of the post]