That Something Extra

We’re all consumers.  What separates a top brand from all the others?  What separates a mega-star from an ordinary actor?  What separates haute cuisine from a plate of spaghetti?  There’s a mysterious gap between the top tier and the next in line.

You’ve seen examples of very competent and talented singer / musicians who never hit top level status.  You’ve also seen examples of mediocre talent rake in fame and fortune.  Why?  What’s the difference?

It’s that something extra.  It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint but it’s there, even if it isn’t readily identifiable.  

Think of top performers in your work.  Are they smarter?  Are they better looking?  Are they more talented?  The answer is usually no, not really.

Why are they top performers?  It’s because of that something extra.  It doesn’t have to be much, but it’s enough. 

Discover ‘that something extra’ that’s important to you.  See what doors are opened.

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