Don’t Be Afraid to Change Direction

Lisa thought she would enjoy being in business, so as she attended a university, she declared business as her major.  She graduated with her bachelor’s degree and wasn’t quite settled with what she finally wanted to end up doing, so she started going for a master’s degree in business. 

One semester away from graduating she realized she really didn’t enjoy business at all.  In fact, as she thought about it, the real reason she went into business was because she felt she would make more money when she graduated.  That was probably true, but she finally realized making money wouldn’t bring her the happiness she desired.  And if she wasn’t happy with what she was doing, she probably wouldn’t be very successful anyway. 

She re-evaluated her goals, and found that what she was really passionate about was teaching English Literature. 

So, with only one semester to go, she changed her graduate work to English literature.  Her goal was to eventually teach at a university.  Finally settled with her decision — the right decision for her — she started teaching some business classes at the university to give her some teaching experience — which she greatly enjoyed, while she started again with her education.  After she finally found her niche of teaching, the money was secondary.  Because she was doing what she loved.

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