Setbacks Create Opportunities

Walt Disney suffered a near nervous breakdown just as he was reaching a pivotal point in his career.  At that point, on the advice of his doctors, he took time off and got completely away from his work, leaving it in other’s hands (a thing he had struggled doing before).  He had to relinquish a great amount of control over his empire in order for him to retain his health.  But in the end, it proved to be a great blessing.  He was able to let go of many things and instead leverage the creative abilities of his team members and develop his (and their) ideas into the entertainment empire it is today; something he never could have done on his own.

Columbus set out to discover a new route to the Indies.  He had it all worked out, but his plan didn’t take him where he thought.  Instead he discovered a whole new land, and found a completely different kind of fame than what he was seeking.

Don’t stop the drive toward your dreams because you are afraid of setbacks.  There are always ways to turn setbacks into opportunities.

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