Follow Your Dream Responsibly

In order to follow your dream, you may have to let go of what you’re already doing.  It may feel like jumping off a cliff hoping that you’ll land safely.  That’s pretty scary.  But this isn’t really what you’re going to do.  You may have heard the phrase, “You need to risk big in order to win big.”  But you needn’t risk big at all.  You should go about reaching for your dreams in a responsible way.  Taking risks may still be part of your dream, but you needn’t take unnecessary risk.

Scott was a self taught artist who loved to paint wildlife scenes.  Yet making a living as an artist seemed a long way off.  He had a wife and two children to support, so he worked during the day as a telephone line man, and every night, he’d take at least an hour to work on his painting.

Slowly but surely, he’s continued to master his craft, become more known, and sold some major works.  It won’t be much longer until he’ll be recognized enough to sell his work on a regular basis. 

Working this way hasn’t been a risk, but a diversion from the harsh realities of paying bills and working for a living.  Yet at the same time, he’s fulfilled his responsibilities and moved ever closer to the achievement of his dreams. 

First, you need to take care of your responsibilities, providing and caring for your family, being honest with your employer, etc.  Then you can invest a little time each day to making your dream a reality.  Just investing a little bit of time each day will eventually yield a big return.  If you maintain your desire, persistence and obedience to those things which bring success for the area in which you’re laboring, then you’ll soon end up Doing what you really love.  And that’s what success is all about.

Even if a daily investment in your dream won’t yield you much money, if it’s really what you love, do it anyway.

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