Climbing the Ladder of Success

Climbing the ladder of success is a common metaphor. Not many realize how true and powerful that metaphor is. For anything in life, you start out at the bottom rung and climb your way up. If you’re really talented you can jump and reach the second, third, and maybe even fourth rung before you begin your climb. Still, to get to the top, you have to climb up rung by rung just like everyone else.

It’s the same with any achievement. You have to start at the beginning, gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom, moving up the rungs of success until you achieve your ultimate goal. It’s only the speed of the climb that’s different for everyone, not the climb.

Many, however, are impatient. They look for the “˜secret,’ that hidden trick which vaults them to the top of their chosen path without having to take the steps up the ladder rung by rung.

Jesse wanted to get rich by developing a shopping center / office building complex. He wasn’t willing to climb the latter rung by rung. Instead, he tried to vault to the top and tied up a large parcel of land. He hired engineers, real estate agents and assistants but had virtually no experience, knowledge, or ability to develop that kind of project. He ended up in court and lost it all (including his marriage). He’s been “˜knocked’ back down the ladder and has to start all over again. You can’t avoid having to climb no matter what you do.

In contrast, a very successful acquaintance tells all the young people who come to meet with him to discover his “˜secret,’ that the “˜secret’ is “showing up for work every day.”

Another point: If you don’t like the rungs you’re climbing, you’re probably on the wrong ladder.

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