Just One Thing Money is Useful For

I just got done reading an interesting memoir entitled “Seldom Disappointed” by Tony Hillerman, the best-selling mystery novelist. He grew up poor in Oklahoma, was a decorated veteran of World War II and became a self-made man.

I’d like to quote a paragraph of that book which caught my attention. He is relating a discussion between himself and his older brother Barney:

“If you have food to eat and a warm, dry home, there’s just one thing money is really useful for, Barney told me. You can use it to buy your life back. Then you don’t have to waste it doing things you don’t like to do just to make money. I didn’t understand this theory, so he explained it. Don’t look for a way to make money; find a way to make a living doing what you like to do anyway. Otherwise you’re just raising funds to buy yourself out of slavery.” (Seldom Disappointed, a Memoir by Tony Hillerman)

How profound.

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