Gone Fishing

I just got back from fishing in Alaska. We spent five days on the ocean in a small boat working to catch as many big fish as we could. We focused primarily on salmon and halibut but also caught 2 octopi, some black bass, and other assorted fish we ended up using as bait. Alaska is beautiful!

There were five of us on the boat: four fishermen and the captain. The captain works an Alaska boat four months during the summer then returns to his home in California and fishes off his own boat for another four months. He earns a comfortable living fishing 8 months out of the year. The rest of the year he travels and surfs (he is from California after all).

I asked him how he ended up fishing for a living. He smiled and said that whenever he was working, he was thinking about fishing. Fishing is what he loves. It’s his passion, his bliss. Finally he figured out how he could earn a living at it then went to work to make it happen. He bought a small boat. He already had the gear. Then talked to some buyers to find out what they wanted and they agreed to purchase his catches.

He fishes all day. At night he sleeps on the boat and watches DVD’s. After a few days he has a full catch then uses his cell phone to contact his customers to meet him at the dock. He loves every minute of it.

How many people get stuck in a job they hate, afraid of changing because . . . well, just because. The formula for change is simple. The captain of the fishing boat put it best. Figure out what you love to do, then figure out how to earn a living doing it.

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