Don’t Jump off a Cliff

Here you are, standing at the brink of your life. Should you jump? Should you switch careers or paths and severe ties with your past? Or should you stay with what you know even though you aren’t happy? That’s what many think are their only choices.

If you follow your dream, you can’t be safe and secure. If you’re safe and secure, you’re doomed to live a life of monotony and unfulfilled dreams.

You have responsibilities, people depending on you to pull your weight, to not make them stressed about whether there’ll be a paycheck or not. And you’re worried about whether you’d make it or not. Whether or not you’d be successful or fail miserably. It’s scary, like jumping off a cliff.

But it’s not your only choice. Ever heard of a hobby? That’s something you do in your spare time, something you like, something that brings joy, fulfillment, enlightenment.

Maybe you should consider testing your dream as a hobby. You could spend a little time each day or week working to see if your dream is really all it’s cracked up to be. There’s always time that won’t interfere with your current responsibilities, and day by day, you’re literally “˜investing’ in seeing if you can make it happen.

Funny thing about investments; you make a small string of investments over time, and before you know it, they have compounded to bring you a much larger return than you’ve ever supposed.

That’s what can happen with your dream. It might end up where you realize your dream a bit at a time, without having to jump off that cliff. You won’t stress anybody, because you’ll have gradually made it reality, and more often that not, you’ll have learned valuable lessons along the way that will keep the success of your dream flowing for a long time to come.

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